How to Eat


Are you a fast eater?

Some people are surprised to find it hard to make their lunch food last for fifteen minutes—even without the distractions of follow lunchers or their iPhone.

But slowing down is an important part of Box Lunch Lifestyle’s “better food.” Chewing more, for example, means getting as much as you can out of this good food you’ve made for yourself. Taste it! Appreciate it! For 15 minutes, let your food give you as many nutrients AND as much pleasure as possible.

Counting the number of chews, for me, is a deal breaker. I want to eat the food I love, not count it. What works for me is my boxing coach’s advice to “chew your solids until they’re liquid, and chew your liquids.” (I think she’s kidding about the last part. But maybe not.)

This article on slower eating by Precision Nutrition’s Brian St. Pierre lays out the chewing pros and cons nicely, and offers BLL-worthy tips like:

  • Choose high-fiber foods that take more time to chew (e.g., two crunchy vegetables.)

  • Put down your fork after each bites.

  • Find a slow eater and pace yourself with that person.

My favorite one? His advice to set aside a time to eat:

“At least 20-30 minutes for each meal, and preferably even longer at dinner. Don’t just eat ‘whenever you get around to it’ or treat it as an inconvenience. You’re fueling your body and maybe spending quality time with friends and family. That’s important. It deserves an appointment.”

Amen, brother.