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Lunch With a Big ❤️: One Simple Wish

Javier is 22 years old and lives in Montclair, NJ. He’s a well-spoken and caring individual who is always looking out for all his siblings. He has been taking as many shifts at work to be able to save up to return to school. Javier recently has been going through a lot with his previous foster mother having a stroke and the loss of his grandfather. Javier is always engaged and tries to find the positive in things.

Javier works over night which has taken a toll on his health by not making the best food choices. He would love to be able to go to the grocery store to purchase some healthier groceries to take to work with him.
— Javier's story on

Javier is in the foster care system. According to the National Foster Youth Institute, more than 23,000 children in the U.S. will “age out”—meaning these kids hoped to be adopted into permanent families, but they weren’t. After age 18, about 20% of the children who were in foster care become instantly homeless. So life wasn’t easy before foster care, and, for some, it doesn’t get easier.

One Simple Wish helps “send some love to a child who needs it.” Browsing the wishes will give you a peek at these kids’ dreams: a new water bottle, a birthday present, a raincoat…groceries.

In one lunch break, you could become the philanthropist you’ve always wanted to be—an Awesome Human who’s telling a Wish Story like this one:

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"Lunch Pail Kind of Guy" Changes the World

In this article, Dale Schroeder is described as having been a working-class, bring your lunch kind of guy. He had a quiet dream: he never had the opportunity to go to college. So DS went to work every day, and he worked hard.

And he saved more than $3 million to be awarded as tuition money after he died (in 2005).

Thirty-three people graduated from college debt-free thanks to DS. When they met recently to honor this man they’d never met, they gathered around his old lunch box.

A simple object, a quiet man, and a powerful symbol of what’s possible when we pursue what matters to us.

saw box 1.jpg

Lunch with a Big ❤️: Shobi's Table

It’s noon. It’s a beautiful Minnesota day and people are sitting down to have lunch together. Everything on their plates—from the ham mac + cheese to the granola bar—was prepared from scratch by people who care. The salad greens were a gift from a local farm, and the even dressing was homemade. Nobody’s checking email. Nobody will feel like crap later from eating too much fried food. People were invited (some personally) to come, sit down for a few minutes, and eat something “better.”

THIS is the lunch dream I dream. And yesterday I saw it come true with my own eyes.

Shobi’s Table serves a homemade lunch to roughly 60 Saint Paul, MN, residents twice each month based on the core values of One World Everybody Eats, including:

  • Pay-what-you-can pricing

  • Patrons choosing their own portion size

  • Serving healthy, seasonal food whenever it’s available

  • Hosting a community table

This particular community table sits between two neighborhoods: one mostly of people employed by the state capitol and major medical centers, and another mostly of people who don’t.

Who should be sitting down together in your city, or neighborhood, or workplace? Everybody eats. What a lovely way to start a conversation.

P.S. Who’s Shobi anyway? In the Bible, a man named Shobi provided food to King David and his people when they fled Jerusalem. Shobi’s Table is a Christian outreach ministry, but the lunches they serve are about lunch. No theological or other strings attached.

Lunch with a Big ❤️: Lunch on Me


Box Lunch Lifestyle is about small choices, but precious ones—and ones that aren’t the same for everyone.

Lunch on Me is an example of making life just a little better for people in L.A.’s Skid Row. Roughly 2500 of the city’s 80,000 homeless live in this 50 block community.

Every month, Lunch on Me celebrates life there: fresh food for 500 people, and music, love, and dignity for everyone.

Who’s hungry in your backyard?

Imagine this kind of celebration in your community. LOM would love to help with one more step toward a world where everyone’s lunch feels like a self-love block party.