Quiet-Dream Finding

LEGO® Freestyling

A surprise from my friend Sara.

A surprise from my friend Sara.

The “oh yeah, THAT” spark of how to spend your 15 minutes of You time might be waiting in a different part of the your brain—not the part that does your taxes or remembers to call your mom.

Try freestyling with LEGO blocks instead of just building the picture on the box. A good friend did a 100-day program to UNBLOCK (pun intended) her own creativity. Most days she found her LEGO block building insightful in surprising ways. On other days it was just plain fun. Win-win. When your hands and brain do something new together, WHO (I can’t help it) knows what ideas might pop up?

Make a Hidden Galaxy List

Thank you,  Greg Rakozy , for sharing this beautiful image on  Unsplash .

Thank you, Greg Rakozy, for sharing this beautiful image on Unsplash.


Let’s say I can fold the space-time continuum and insert a day into your week. (Stay with me here.)

Nobody else knows about it. You can do whatever you want—but on your own. Other people don’t get to do this. It’s just for you.

Find some paper and start writing. Make the longest list possible of what you’d do that day. Think BIG. You’re in a SPACE-TIME CONTINUUM FOLD, for Pete’s sake! Don’t mow your lawn!

In 15 minutes, you might be surprised at what ends up o the page. There will be no idea that’s unrealistic. It might be just the seed of another smaller, quieter idea for an experience that you could make real as soon as today.