Quiz: Life Values Inventory

Thanks to your Box Lunch Lifestyle, you have permission to spend 15 minutes of today’s lunch break pursuing that quiet dream: that small something you’ve always told yourself you’re going to do.

That “small something” finally getting the attention it deserves may already be jumping for joy. But for some of us, it’s been so long since we’ve flexed our what-do-I-really-want muscles that they feel pretty weak. We could use some help discovering or reminding ourselves what matters to us personally but that (until now!) hasn’t made it onto the calendar.

These are my LVI results. Don’t judge me.

These are my LVI results. Don’t judge me.

How can this help Box Lunch Lifers? Even if the name is a little boring, I think the LVI might stir you up. Totally and completely for FREE, and in less than 10 minutes, it helps you rank general value categories, like creativity or belonging. But then it goes one step further to give you specific ideas and strategies for how to EXPRESS your values. It will get your idea-generating-juices flowing, and you might find yourself finally acting on that quiet dream as soon as today…at lunch.

[A note of special thanks to the Mathile Family Foundation whose philanthropic support makes this quiz and all the LVI resources available to the public at no charge.]

Quiz: Your Creative Type

To read the behind-the-scenes making of this quiz, click  here .

To read the behind-the-scenes making of this quiz, click here.

Austin Kleon says, “Forget the noun, do the verb.” Amen!

So rather than deciding whether or not you are “A Creative,” use these short, visually-interesting questions from Adobe Create Magazine and its collaborators to look at your creative-genius-self in a fresh way.

If you feel restless or bored, your creative type could give you new ideas about what quiet dream pursuit might feel satisfying today. Maybe it isn’t something thought of as “creative” in a traditional sense, but because it’s created (a verb) by YOU, it will be its own piece of art.


Quiz: Do you have Adultitis?

You could. And, man, is it SERIOUS!

Are you exhibiting any of these symptoms?

  • ignoring your dreams and passions to pursue the things that your mom/neighbor/society thinks you should do

  • have a wrinkled brow, hunched or droopy shoulders, a visibly frenetic pace, excessive frowning, or zombie-like stares

  • in a job that makes you want to shoot yourself out of a cannon into a brick wall, regardless of how much they pay you

  • habitually take yourself too seriously while neglecting things that make you smile

  • feel like a slave to what other people think, and mask your true identity from others

Kim and Jason Kotecki, the founders of The Cure Adultitis Institute, encourage you to get tested immediately. It only costs an email address, but isn’t it worth it to avoid succumbing to this potentially lethal disease?

If you don’t think anything on this website funny, I think it may already be too late for you.

If you don’t think anything on this website funny, I think it may already be too late for you.

The Grit Scale

Her  6-minute TED Talk  introduces you to AD and why she started studying grit.

Her 6-minute TED Talk introduces you to AD and why she started studying grit.

Grit is sticking with your future, day in, day out, not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years, and working really hard to make that future a reality.
— Angela Lee Duckworth

You’re ready for a change. There’s something you want—and you think you know what it is. But what’s gonna help you get it? And help you keep getting it?

Angela Duckworth and her colleagues at Penn think it’s grit. For some of us, being super-gritty means we can stick with our Box Lunch Lifestyle practice without breaking a sweat. But some of us struggle to follow through on the things we really want—even when we REALLY want them, and especially when they are quiet dreams that are worth pursuing simply because of how they make us feel.

Do you think of yourself as a person who has grit? Don’t sell yourself short. This quiz might help you see if the story you’re telling yourself is a fair one, and give you ideas to face your own lunch food and lunch time obstacles.

P.S. You can answer the ten short questions, get your score immediately (without sharing your email address) today at lunch and still have time to make good on that quiet dream.

Quiz Follow-Up: Sparketype

day 3c bulb.jpg

Did you try the Jonathan Field’s Sparketype™ quiz that I posted a couple weeks ago? You should. Here’s why: like me, it’s possible that you’re not being completely honest with yourself about what you really like doing.

Based on dozens of other assessments I’ve done, I’d already put myself into whatever would be the “curious/learner/nerd” category. I’ve defined myself that way for-basically-ever: the nerdy kid who grew up to be the nerdy researcher. That Sparketype, the Maven, loves learning for it’s own sake.

But the Maven was my runner-up. It turns out I’m most like the Essentialist, who feels alive from creating order from chaos. What gives me energy is what I can DO—or do better—as a result of what I learn. And I can honestly say that I feel the most like me from tasks that simplify, organize, and get whatever matters less out of the way so that I can focus on the “good stuff.” And that may be literal stuff, or cluttery, unnecessary stories we tell ourselves, or any kind of road block that keeps us living the kind of life we want to live today.

So, as an Essentialist, a satisfying day in my more-satisfying life looks different than I thought. Knowing that helps me choose, and be more confident that how I spend my time will fill me up in the way I need. At lunch, or anytime.

Instead of revealing all the Sparketypes here, I think you’ll enjoy discovering—or rediscovering—on your own which one is the most-like-you feeling, and what quiet dreams it might be offering up.

A Find-Your-Kind-of-Doing Quiz

If you’re not already listening to  The Goodlife Project podcast , I highly recommend it.

If you’re not already listening to The Goodlife Project podcast, I highly recommend it.

Have you already done every self-reflective, “what do I want to be?”-type quiz? Do you think there’s nothing left to learn?

That’s what I thought. But Jonathan Field’s Sparketype™ assessment helped me get honest about what kinds of TASKS give me energy—not just work-y tasks, and not the outcomes of the tasks themselves. It showed me a new way to see what I’m actually doing when I feel most like me.

“How do I enjoy spending my time?” Wow. That applies to just about everything, but especially to that personal aspiration—that quiet dream—waiting to reveal itself.

P.S. You can take the Sparketype™ assessment and get results in less than today’s 15 minutes of just-for-YOU time. Why wait?

The Four Tendencies Quiz

Wondering why you can’t get (or stay) motivated to make lunch and take some time for yourself? Maybe those tips and tricks that work beautifully for your friends just aren’t working for you.

This quiz might help you understand why, give you better ways to stay on track, and keep on keeping those promises you’ve made to yourself.

You’re a winner. You deserve this. Don’t quit.