A Find-Your-Kind-of-Doing Quiz

If you’re not already listening to  The Goodlife Project podcast , I highly recommend it.

If you’re not already listening to The Goodlife Project podcast, I highly recommend it.

Have you already done every self-reflective, “what do I want to be?”-type quiz? Do you think there’s nothing left to learn?

That’s what I thought. But Jonathan Field’s Sparketype™ assessment helped me get honest about what kinds of TASKS give me energy—not just work-y tasks, and not the outcomes of the tasks themselves. It showed me a new way to see what I’m actually doing when I feel most like me.

“How do I enjoy spending my time?” Wow. That applies to just about everything, but especially to that personal aspiration—that quiet dream—waiting to reveal itself.

P.S. You can take the Sparketype™ assessment and get results in less than today’s 15 minutes of just-for-YOU time. Why wait?

The Four Tendencies Quiz

Wondering why you can’t get (or stay) motivated to make lunch and take some time for yourself? Maybe those tips and tricks that work beautifully for your friends just aren’t working for you.

This quiz might help you understand why, give you better ways to stay on track, and keep on keeping those promises you’ve made to yourself.

You’re a winner. You deserve this. Don’t quit.