Storing Ingredients Right = Using Them Up

Those foods that you love using to make your lunch? They last longer than we think.

You’ve probably seen’s powerful end-food-waste messages elsewhere, but you’ll hear more about their campaign on this blog, too. Your lunch break means a healthier you, but it can also make us aware of what food we use up—and what we don’t. These quick tricks to keep food better, longer, come directly from the SaveTheFood experts:

  • Wrap leftover cheese loosely in wax paper, not plastic.

  • Keep herbs like cut flowers—with their stems in a glass of water.

  • Place ripe avocados in the fridge, they’ll last longer.

  • Keep flour fresher almost twice as long by freezing it.

  • Use a slice of bread to soften up hardened brown sugar.

Wanna become a food storage champ? SaveTheFood has this topic covered. (I just can’t resist a terrible pun.)

Kidding aside, 40% of all food in America is wasted. I think our make-your-own lunch movement can change that. Don’t you?