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If Lunch Timing Doesn't Look Right to You

This photo taken by a Box Luncher despite inferior lunch-break light. (It looks pretty amazing to me.)

This photo taken by a Box Luncher despite inferior lunch-break light. (It looks pretty amazing to me.)

Maybe the personal aspiration you long for the most simply can’t happen at lunch. You can’t surf. You can’t go fishing, or go to Florence. You can’t take photographs during the golden hour. But that doesn’t have to stop you from making your lunch break work for you.

Your Box Lunch Lifestyle is about “better” instead of perfect, and “real” instead of just wishing.

If you want to take photographs, you can have that camera in your hands and shoot something for 15 minutes even if the light isn’t magical. You can learn to speak Italian. You might even be able to tie flies during your lunch break.

Surfing? That’s a tougher one. Maybe your aspiration isn’t the Monday-through-Friday kind, so your lunch break pursuit will need to be just a little deeper down your list of “want to” options. Still, you’re eating better, and—just as importantly—you’re practicing the kind of showing-up-for-yourself discipline that can change everything. And when you see your runner-up dreams happening, then you’ll become the confident, motivated person who says, “I do stuff that matters to me. And now I’m a person who’s going to learn to surf.”

Avraham Byers: Better Budgeting One Lunch at a Time

Fifteen minutes isn’t a lot of time, but it’s enough time to START—even when your personal aspiration feels kinda serious.

For example, if you want to be a person who worries less about money, it’s 100% possible to be that person. At lunch. Avraham Byers, a generous and super-funny guy, can show you how to get money smart in less than 15 minutes a day.

This is Avraham. He’s hilarious. Smart and hilarious. And generous.

This is Avraham. He’s hilarious. Smart and hilarious. And generous.

How do you start? In just 15 minutes you can:

  • talk with him (for FREE) about your money struggles and get 3 actionable tools you can use immediately

  • download his (FREE) eBook Your Magic Number: One Simple “Daily Number” That Will Put You In Control of Your Money Every Day (Note: You can easily read this in just two lunch breaks. It’s entertaining. You’ll like it.)

  • spend 15 minutes working your own Magic Number magic

Will this feel the same kind of fun as pursuing a hobby or creative project? Maybe not. Do I get some kind of cut if you work with Avraham? No. I just like this guy, and his approach makes solid Box Lunch Lifestyle sense.

Lunch is the perfect time for whatever quiet dream matters to you, even the meatier ones, or ones that maybe you don’t talk about with other people. If it’s satisfaction you want as you’re falling asleep at night, progress towards this kind of meaningful “I wish I was” will help get you there.

Fighting Phone Distractions

There aren’t many for-managers business books that I respect, but I loved Michael Bungay Stainer’s The Coaching Habit. He gives great advice, and in a recent email he offered some for how to be the boss of your phone—something that desperately wants your attention during lunch. Here’s what he says:

My phone had started to wield the same power as Frodo’s One Ring of Power. I’m not sure if that means Apple = Sauron, but I do know I kept finding the phone in my hand, with no real understanding of how it got there. Reading Make Time proved to be a catalyst for change. It made me completely redesign my phone. Not just tinker with it, but strip it down completely.

The two big moves I made:
I removed email, all browsers, and every social media site except Instagram. That means that now when I pick up the phone to do something, there’s really nothing to do. I’ve removed what the authors Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky call the “infinity pools,” which had previously sucked me in.
I set a 10-minute-a-day limit for Instagram and for the one game (Upwords) that I have on the phone, via the Screen Time control in Settings.

What two things could you change to turn phone time into more You time?

He also provided a link to another stop-being-a-slave-to-your-phone site that will only be funny to someone with a fighter’s attitude and who swears like a sailor. If you email me, I’ll share it. (I won’t tell anyone.)