Be proud.

Taking yourself seriously is already a WIN.

There are things you are meant to do. Right? Today is the day to do something about it. For every small step you make to feed your body and your spirit better, give yourself credit. Being deliberate and choosing differently--for just your lunch break--proves you are the boss. You make the rules. You DO have the discipline it takes to eat better and accomplish what you aspire to in life. Acting differently for just one day is better than never.

Still reading this? Then you’re already doing more for yourself than most people will today.


How will you know it's working?

You'll know by how YOU feel, both mentally and physically. Do you have more energy in the afternoon? Are you taking steps towards a goal--maybe not just at lunch time, but other times, too? Do you worry a little less about what to eat? Have a little more control? A little more confidence in yourself?

Being disciplined counts as a win. Every day you do this for yourself--better food and better time--is a step in the right direction. It matters. Be proud.

What if you miss a day?

Don't teach yourself to quit. If you miss a day (and you will), DO NOT wait until the next week to start up again. You don't have to be perfect, but don't give up. Practice being the strong person that you are.

Need help?

Sometimes even small changes can be tough to make on your own. You can absolutely do this by yourself, but here are a few tricks that might help.

1. Find a partner. Some people are more likely to get going (and stick to it) with support from more than just the Box Lunch Lifestyle coaches. Team up with a spouse or partner, or coworkers and friends. Pick people you trust and enjoy. This should be FUN, and any change is easier when you can laugh together about it.

2. List three things you wish you were doing--or doing better. What are you moving toward? Give this some thought. And be patient. If you're rusty in the "putting yourself first" department, it may take a little more time than you'd expect. Don't give up.

3. Plan. Decide RIGHT NOW what day and time you're going to sketch out this week's plan. Right. Now. Set a reminder on your calendar that includes the reward you'll give yourself for Box Lunch Lifestyle Day 1.

4. Don't be shy. If you need a nudge, a high-five, or a kick in the you-know-what, the Box Lunch Lifestyle coaches will answer (almost) any question. Email us, and you'll get a human response in a jiffy.