Vegetables. You have lots of options.

Lunch is a great time to sneak in some vegetables. You don't have to be creative. You don't have to try something new or eat a particular kind or color of vegetable. You REALLY don't have to eat ones you don't like. Better is better. Pick two vegetables you like and eat them.

Make this EASY.

  • Don’t peel everything. If you wash everything thoroughly, you can eat the skins of sweet potatoes, cucumbers, and even carrots.
  • Chop while things cook. If you’re cooking meat or soup, get it started first so you can chop vegetables at the same time.
  • Skip the cooking. Try eating "just food"--for the vegetables and the rest of your lunch. Assembling a lunch of sliced ham, a piece of cheese, cherry tomatoes, and mini cucumbers is super-fast and requires no cooking whatsoever. (No excuses.)
  • Do this with people you like. Why not spend this time with your kids, for example? It can be fun. They’ll learn a lot, and so will you.