I'm just like you.

I'm sorting through all the life strategy, nutrition, and self-help information, too. There are rules everywhere you look from trustworthy, well-intentioned people. There are also people who just want your money. Some of the information about food and how our minds work is just wrong, and it's ALL incomplete. It can't be complete. We're learning something new about behavior change and nutrition all the time. There's never going to be one right answer, and nothing anyone else writes can tell you how any of the information matters for YOU anyway.

So, I read a lot of books, news, and research about food, habits, and the grit we need to make the best choices we can. I listen to a lot of experts, and find other people who want to squeeze as much as possible out of life. I can see what works (and doesn't) for me, and what works (and doesn't) for others. But I'm not a life coach or nutritionist. I haven't been trained by any one person or program or school, and I don't have any affiliations that nudge me towards one philosophy or another. I'm just a person trying my best. Like you.

We are smart enough to sift through it all, and I have opinions and ideas that I'll share on this site. But Box Lunch Lifestyle is about using common sense--and being brave. And one of the bravest things you can do is take a look at yourself and say, "Who do I want to be?" If you're already there, congratulations! Most of us, I think, feel like we're still looking. So don't stop.

Understanding what really makes you feel satisfied is worth fighting for. You have an easy, reliable tool already on your calendar: lunch.



What makes me happy?

Watching other people find physical and emotional strength. That's why I'm writing this. I want to help, and I think even the littlest changes leave the world a better place than we found it.



Cheryl Johnson, Founder

Cheryl Johnson, Founder



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