Be brave.  Aspire.  Start.
See what can happen in just 15 minutes.


It's important to take a break, so do that at lunch time. Catch your breath. What's the reason to tough it out and work through? Taking a step away from what you're doing is smart. It'll help you solve problems and be more creative. You'll be better at what you do.

Defend this 15 minutes for non-work goals. If you're a chemist or a manager, you have time to pursue your chemistry or managerial interests on the clock, right? Think "choices" not "chores." This is YOUR time to act on what you've always to try. Do this for yourself. You deserve it.

for example, ON FRIDAY 

Choose a lunch activity for the next week for this planner. What is that thing that never makes it to the top of the list? This is a "want to do" not a "should do"--something just for you, and it matters. Commit to it. You can write it in pencil, but write it down. If nothing comes to mind, these prompts might help.

  • Finish this sentence: “I’ve always told myself I was going to _________.”
  • What did you want to be (or do) as a kid?
  • On your last vacation, did you see, learn, or do something new that surprised you?

Tips for Sticking With It

  • If you don't already, set a reminder to have lunch at the same time every day for one week--and if you can't do your "time minutes" right after you eat, then RESCHEDULE that 15 minutes for later that day. Don't cheat yourself.
  • Choose something that truly means something to you personally. If you don't get excited and look forward to it, it's not the best activity for right now. Listen to your gut, and choose again. 
  • Don't train yourself to quit. Missing a day isn't the end of the world. But don't quit. Do it the next day, because feeding this part of you is just as important as what you eat. This is WHY you eat. And you can do this.

Need ideas?


Start using the time during your lunch break for yourself. Who knows? If you catch on to something that really excites you, maybe you'll find yourself writing in the evening, or drawing with your kids on the weekend, or joining a class one weeknight. 

Every lunch break, do something just for you
for 15 minutes.


Check the clock, then do something you want to do. Defend this time. Don’t cheat yourself. Plan for lunch at the same time every day and block it off on your calendar. Don’t answer your phone. Leave your desk if it helps. This time is for you—to invest in yourself and ACT.

Why does this matter? The power of Box Lunch Lifestyle is making the food and the life better at the same time--literally creating the life TODAY that you’ve been talking about (maybe for a very long time). Maybe too long. Eating better gives you the healthy body and mind you need to do it.