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Better lunch. Better life.


Your lunch matters in a way you've never thought of before. It can reveal what you value and
what might be holding you back. Real changes in how you eat and spend your time start here.

This is the power lunch for real people. Take 30 minutes. Take back your life.


It’s about redefining lunch culture: tips, resources, and confidence to make your Box Lunch Lifestyle the real deal.

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Change isn't easy.
So decide, then start small.

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You get your job done, so there's no reason why you can't TAKE A BREAK and do something that matters to you and FEEL SATISFIED. Eating better shouldn't feel like punishment, and your lunch break could actually take you one step closer to THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE.


No more excuses. Start TODAY.


Breakfast matters, but it doesn't have to be the most important meal of your day. It's easier to start with lunch, and one you make yourself means better food choices. 


What if you could finally do that thing that you've always said you wanted to do? Has taking that first step felt impossible? Not anymore.


The reason to eat better is to have the energy to do more of the things that make you YOU. Being good to yourself will inspire you to eat better. Win-win.

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Is this for me? 

Do you eat lunch? Then, yes. It's for you.


What do
I get?

What do you want? That's what you get.

Box Lunch Lifestyle is NOT for you if you:

  • have done everything you've wanted to do in life
  • care more about weight loss than overall health
  • don't question assumptions about food or yourself
  • can't handle direct challenges and honest feedback
  • think doing something for yourself TODAY is a waste of time

Otherwise, you should give it a try.


Other benefits include:

  • more physical and mental energy
  • self-confidence
  • an easy way to make better food choices
  • immediate progress on a neglected goal
  • spending more time with the people you love (including yourself)

It's a step toward the life you want. Don't wait.

For me, Box Lunch Lifestyle is mindful eating and goal-getting paired in a snack-size portion of time, just 30 minutes. You have to choose well and eat right for physical health, and you have to dream big and take small steps for mental health. Some days it’s the perfect break in a chaotic day and other days, it’s a reset button because the first half of the day went nowhere and fast. I have made big strides in mindfulness and meditation because of BLL, and that in turn has helped turn down the negative self-talk about poor lunch choices I usually suffered and energized me to tackle other latent projects I’d left behind.
— Starlett
During the 15 minutes of my box lunch time, I am going to take a crack at some writing. It is always something that I have wanted to get better at and, being a science person, I never had much of a chance to write prose as an adult, so here goes. No clue what I will write about, but I have a feeling it will be fun.
— Sara
I’ve never been much of a shopper, and I’m definitely not a cook. But I wanted to eat better and not stand in the grocery store wondering what to buy. This actually WORKS. I make a plan, then stop worrying. I know I’m eating better than before.
— Darren
Box Lunch Lifestyle is such a simple idea, it’s elegant yet piercing in its call to stop, think, and do life better. No, you are not too busy for this.
— Tina E.
You’ve inspired me. I started a blog (with ideas for a business spin-off at some point) and have done almost nothing with it. By the time the boys are in bed and the kitchen is cleaned up, I have no energy left. Maybe I can take 15 minutes at lunch each day to poke at it.
— Lindsay
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What are you afraid of?